October 19, 2011

Kublanow takes in surroundings

Some perks to playing at home that extend beyond last substitution privileges are a favorable atmosphere created by a team's fanbase, and an ability to host recruits. Despite being miles away from Sanford on Saturday, Georgia was able to tap into the latter two benefits.

Before kickoff, Vanderbilt's sidelines were scattered with recruits, and one Vandy target, in particular, had received an offer from the Dawgs just two weeks ago.

Walton 2013 offensive lineman Brandon Kublanow watched the Vanderbilt-Georgia game as a recruit with no allegiance, just simply taking in the game and his surroundings.

Kublanow said he was expecting to see a good game between the two SEC teams, but there was one thing he saw while there that he definitely wasn't expecting.

"I was really impressed with (Georgia) fans, how they filled up the whole, I mean, they almost had as many UGA fans as they had Vandy fans, which is kind of weird to me," Kublanow said. "But I was really impressed with their fans."

Although the game was somewhat closer than many had expected, Kublanow said he saw improvement in the Dawgs play since he'd last seen them in Athens against Mississippi State.

"I think they are definitely looking better than before," Kublanow said. "The game was really intense throughout the whole thing, there were a lot of emotions and at the end, that's between the coaches, I don't really know. I don't think either side really meant to do anything."

As for his visit, Kublanow said he enjoyed himself, but his mother was doubly impressed.

"I really liked it up there, you can tell things have definitely turned around. I really like the coaching staff. They are really great and energetic about the future," Kublanow said. "My mom likes Vandy a lot. She's looking more for the education for me than the football side. She really likes Vanderbilt and the coaching staff up there."

Kublanow will spend the rest of the season checking out games where he can. He said he is planning on going to go to Auburn and maybe South Carolina, and will definitely be in attendance for Georgia at Georgia Tech. He said he is trying to get back to Vanderbilt once more, and Florida as well.

No other schools have recently offered, but he is being contacted often by a number of programs.

"I've been hearing a lot from Wake Forest. Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina, just a bunch of schools," Kublanow said.

Walton will look to continue their undefeated record, notching an 8th consecutive win this season, as they take on Wheeler at home Friday.