January 27, 2013

Sundberg recaps visit to Army

Decision time is going to come down to the wire for defensive tackle Kevin Sundberg. After spending this weekend at Army, did the Fowler (Cali.) prospect reach a final decision?

"My visit was a lot of fun," said Sundberg who arrived Friday to kick off his visit and who was hosted by defensive lineman, Joe Drummond. "I spent time speaking to head coach Rich Ellerson and my primary recruiter, Andy Guyader."

The addition of Sundberg to this year's class falls under the category of "hope to get" when it comes to the Army coaching staff.

For Sundberg, spending time with the staff and seeing the campus/facilities along made for a promising visit.

"Coach Ellerson told me that he thought I would be a great fit into the program, but he is not going to try and pressure me into coming to Army," shared the 6-foot-2, 280 pound tackle. "He said he wants me to go where I feel will best suit me."

And beyond the staff, the California native said he was pleasantly surprised with the surrounding of West Point, despite being forewarned of the mystique of the campus itself, along with the football facilities.

"People had told me that it (West Point) would be a pretty good site when I got there, but I didn't think it was going to look like that," he added. "It was amazing. The scenery of the place is magnificent and you are always seeing something new."

"And the football facilities ... they were magnificent and they are amazing. The indoor practice field is ridiculous. I never thought they would have something that nice."

Beyond the football component, Sundberg said that it is impossible to separate Army football from the academic side of the academy. "You can never say that West Point isn't smart," offered Sundberg. "It is probably one of the best academically in the nation. You can't find better in my personal opinion ... educationally."

With all of that to take in, Sundberg realizes how strongly the Black Knights' staff feels about his talent and wanting him as part of the 2013 class. "I could sense it from all of the coaches who told me that they hope to see me there this summer," he declared. "But none of them pressured me by saying things like, what is your decision .... or you going to come here or not? They said that they hope to see me this summer."

So, what is Sundberg's current "decision time" state of mind? "I want some time to think about it," offered the defensive tackle who has been keeping tabs on Army's recruiting. "And if I did commit, I would go in through the prep school and I saw on GoBlackKnights.com that another 6'2", 280-290 guy had committed there (Army) too."

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