October 24, 2007

Henderson adds to his heroics

The hit was so hard by the Virginia guard that Erin Henderson's face mask jammed into his mouth, breaking his front tooth off, while his helmet visor shattered, sending slivers of plastic into his lip.

Later, he found the broken piece of tooth in his mouthpiece.

But that was just the start of his health woes on a night Henderson still managed to register a career-high 18 tackles.

Throw in a damaged cornea, a shoulder 'stinger', a broken thump and ligament damage to the knee and you have, truly, Maryland's 'walking wounded' candidate of the year.

But a year ago few people would have said that about Henderson, that he could deal with pain and still play.

"It didn't hurt that much. The blood and all was actually kind of cool because it was dripping everywhere," quipped Henderson after having a career game in the 18-17 loss to Virginia. "It hurt a lot more when I went to the dentist to have it fixed."

Henderson saw the dentist Monday morning, when his tooth was capped. By yesterday's press luncheon he was all smiles again. After the Virginia game in media interviews he looked as if he had just emerged from a prize fight with a swollen lip and dried blood around his mouth, not to mention half a tooth showing in front.

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