November 6, 2007

Tommy Galt steps up

One needn't look much further than his father, Dwight Galt, Maryland's strength and conditioning coach, to see where sophomore tight end Tommy Galt gets his toughness and work ethic.

Dwight Galt moonlighted for 11 years as a butcher at Safeway grocery stores, working the graveyard shift to make ends meet for his growing family while starting out in the strength field more than two decades ago.

These days Dwight Galt is a fixture in the Maryland football program, while sons Tommy and Deege are starting to make their mark.

Tommy, identical to his twin brother, a defensive end, save for a goatee, was elevated when junior tight end Dan Gronkowski went down with a knee injury against Clemson two weeks ago. He is yet another young player getting a shot in the wake of all of the Terps injuries this season.

He has taken Gronkowski's -- the Terps best blocking tight end -- spot in both the 'clubs' (two tight end short yardage) package, and on special teams on kickoff returns. He's also backing up senior Joey Haynos in the Terps regular tight end package as well as the 'Big Ace' package when they use two big ends. Meanwhile, Deege Galt debuted with an assist Saturday at defensive end at UNC.

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