Future Terp still has chance at playoffs

The season hasn't gone well for Brendan Moore and Austin (Tex.) Westwood but they have one shot at redemption this weekend.
Westwood is just 3-6 on the year but incredibly they could still conceivably qualify for postseason play. If they win their next game, then Westwood is in.
So the single-elimination format begins before the playoffs even start.
"How good we are is not reflected in our record," Moore said. "We've been riddled with injuries. This is the first game when we will actually have all of our starters on the field so that's going to be great. If we win this game then we will be in and I think we'll make a run since everyone's back."
Maryland fans know a little something about injuries this year, though the Terps' record is much better than Westwood's.
"They've just been riddled with injuries, too," Moore said. "With Deon Long and Stefon Diggs going down in the same game and five starters out on defense. They're finally getting some back against Syracuse. I think they started off the season really well and then injuries started taking a toll. They're still going to make a bowl game and get even better. Randy Edsall's been doing an amazing job at Maryland and I'm looking forward to playing under him."
Moore hesitated to evaluate his own individual performance apart from his team's results this year but concluded that he's played well though he "could have played a lot better."
Westwood's offensive line has been bitten by the injury bug and that has caused Moore to have to play at different spots on the line.
"If it's a stretch to the left then I'll be left tackle, or if it's a stretch to the right then I'll be on the right. If it's an inside run I'll be left or right guard. But mainly I'm a left tackle.
"Maryland definitely recruited me for my athletic ability and not for any singular position. Most likely based on my body type I'll be a center or guard. I think guard would be best to utilize my speed. I could play tackle in college. I think in the Big Ten you'd rather have a 6'6 tackle than a 6'4 tackle."
Missouri and Tulsa have continued to recruit the 6-foot-4, 270-pound tackle, but Moore said he's solidly on board with the Terrapins.
He will take his official visit the weekend of Maryland's game against Boston College.
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