Traveling with the Terps

Okay folks, let's get this football thing in gear around here. With Maryland now joining the Big Ten, the players will get to play in new stadiums and in front of huge crowds. That's all great, but the fans who travel to those road games are also heading into unfamiliar territory. No longer will the old staples on 'Tobacco Road' be on the itinerary. So, where are the fans going to stay and eat as they travel to the Midwest? Where are the best bars to hang out? What kinds of traditions and celebrations happen the night before games?
Well, every Monday preceding a Maryland road game, I'll be posting a new column called, 'Traveling with the Terps'. I'm digging up all kinds of information that the Terps fans will want to know before they head to, let's say, Bloomington, Indiana or Madison, Wisconsin and even Ann Arbor, Michigan.
A lot of folks can't wait for the renewal of the Penn State rivalry and the easy jaunt up to Sate College. Places like the Rat Skeller and the Ye 'Ole Diner and Kelley's are the places that you'll want to know about. I'll have 'em listed. How about the 'Game Day' traditions? I'll have those, too. The best places to visit on campus and where to go to appreciate the spectacle of college football in the Big Ten. I'll have all of that and more. Even, the best spots to hit after the games when the tailgating is over.
It's going to be a special year for the Terps as they venture into uncharted waters. College football is all about the game and the fan's experience. So follow the column all season to find out where to go, what to do and what to see on the road as we all, 'Travel with the Terps'.
Even though the Terps host James Madison this Saturday and won't be hitting the road until next week, let's kick-off the season with a tailgate party hosted by all of us here at the Terrapin Sports Report. We will be set up with the new Maryland Pride motor home near Byrd Stadium's West Gate. We will have food, drinks, snacks and a great time. It will be a good time to meet the staff and see our message board members face-to-face. All in good fun, we hope. We will also have big screen TV's to watch the games in progress and computers there to check out who's saying what on the Terrapin Sports Report's message boards. It's all free and we welcome our current subscribers, potential new subscribers, friends, family and all Terp fans young and old.
It should be a lot of fun and a great way to kick-off the new season and the Terps journey into the Big Ten.
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